Unicorn Brush Set - 10 Piece

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A magical brush set with pearlescent, twisted handles and pastel, multi-coloured bristles designed for all your blending and buffing needs.

Buff Up - A flat topped foundation brush ideal for applying powder and liquid foundations.
Chisel Cheeks - A narrow, flat bristled brush designed to add sculpted definition.
Bare Faced Blush - A fluffy head blush brush perfect for seamlessly blending powders onto the apples of the cheek.
Fleeky Brows - A short, flat bristled brush crafted to add seamless definition to the brows.
Strobe Alert - The must-have tool for applying highlight, created with soft, fanned bristles.
Whisp Me Away - A plush, super-soft powder brush ideal for setting your base.
Spot It - A soft bristled brush ideal for flawlessly applying and blending concealer.
Blending Is My Cardio - A soft, fluffy eyeshadow brush designed to blend away harsh lines after shadow application.
On Cloud Glitter - Short and stubby, a brush specifically created to pack shadow onto the lid.
Crease Proof - Designed to flawlessly blend shadow into the crease area, this brush boasts super-soft bristles perfect for the job.